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Hear David talking about The Fab104 with Happy Nat

Happy Nat from the Beatles Rarity.com interviewed David about “The Fab104 – The Evolution of The Beatles” Discover why Happy Nat says this is the best book for learning about the early history of The Beatles.


The Fab104 is an “essential read”

David Bedford’s latest Beatles book, “The Fab One Hundred and Four,” is a delightful
and essential read. Just when you thought everything’s been said about the Beatles,
and there wasn’t much left to learn about the history of the group, David delivers
the goods by exploring a whole new angle — looking at all the people, some known and
some hardly known, that played a key role in the evolution of the group right up
to the point where they were John, Paul, George, & Ringo, on the brink of super-stardom.

Ken Michaels, “Every Little Thing” Beatles radio show
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